Coral part II.


 This part is about is 'hardware' as it's telling the story of my LEGO setup to host the Coral Board. At exhibitions where Basefarm has a stand, I often represent our Data Driven Solutions unit with the LEGO installation. (sorry article in Norwegian). I've built a story around it, where we are looking for Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 amongst the figures and detecting them. This gives a great opportunity to start a dialog with people and explain a little bit Machine Vision and ML ...

version 1

For the first version someone printed for me the LEGO parts you can see below. The board had 4 mounting points, and with some old motherboard screws, I screwed it to the '+' shape of the LEGO piece. This specific LEGO piece made it possible to attach the board to a frame structure. This frame structure was flexible, but somewhat high and fragile.

the rig the rig the rig

In addition to the frame holding the board, I've created a holder for the Camera Module. Having the board and the camera fixed, I've built a kinda StarWars themed diorama, and some figure holder trays.

the rig the rig the rig

version 2

We bought a 3d printer with my son, and I decided it's time to design a better frame for the board. This new frame prooved to be much more stable, and also easier to mount to a plate. As you can see on the third picture, instead of the Camera module, I switched over to USB cameras, as it's much earsier to carry those around.

the rig the rig the rig


 In the long run I got multiple boards, mounted to the plate with the frame. If you see on previous images I have a big 'green' plate, and a much smaller 'gray' plate. This gray plate easily fits into a box with few figures, so it's much easier to carry around the setup. As it's shown on the last picture, I also have a mobile quick charger, that makes the board portable ...

the rig the rig the rig

In addition to the setup presented in the article, I have a side project, that will make the board react on things. Using some sbricks I already wrote some test python code to controll LEGO motors from the board. The sBrick is connected to the Coral Board through Bluetooth, and the motors are connected to the sbrick with some cables ...

... my next article will focus on the portability of the board!

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